Meal Planning w/b 2.4.2018

In an effort to get back into the habit of planning our meals each week I decided I should blog them too!

We had been slipping into some really bad habits and ending up with a load of wastage so I’m hoping planning will mean we’re more organised and have less things going off before we use them.  Our Ocado order has just arrived so we have a full fridge and cupboards!

We try to eat by 6pm so that Connie has some time to chill between dinner and going to bed but if I’ve not planned then I’m still wondering what to make for dinner at 5.30pm and our whole evening routine goes to pot!

Mon – Sausages, mashed potatoes and beans – favourite of mine plus quick and simple after a week away.

TuesUGO dairy and gluten free ravioli with tomato sauce – trying this pasta for the first time, it comes highly recommended!

WedsSalmon and smoked fish risotto – variation on this recipe

Thurs – Roasted chicken with pesto and roasted vegetables

Fri – Pork meatballs with polenta chips

We’re visiting family both weekend days so thankfully don’t have to think about food!

What are you cooking up this week?

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