Why I buy second hand…

When I look around our house I realise that most of our furniture was donated by friends, family or bought from charity shops, then anything we couldn’t find second hand we got from Ikea, which I appreciate is quite a big difference!

Our dining table was my great grandmothers and we have three matching chairs we got from freecycle and a larger chair my aunt gave me when she moved into a houseboat…nothing matches but it really doesn’t bother me!  In the corner of the room is an electric piano Anthony bought from a facebook ad that had been used by some lucky children who prefered drawing on it to playing it!

When it came to things for Connie the essentials like car seat, carrier and high chair were all bought new as gifts by our family, however most of her newborn clothes I bought from ebay second hand and one of my lovely friends has donated all of her daughters clothes to us – Carla thank you, I am incredibly grateful!

For me, buying second hand means that things have a story.  Recently, we bought a cot from one of our local charity shops, although we’ve completely failed to get Connie to sleep in it yet I love that it has a history, I like to imagine that lots of other babies have slept sweetly in it.

Someone said to me recently that they liked “New shit that goes together properly.”  Personally, I find that unless you are able to spend a lot of money on new high quality products, second hand and in some cases older things are much better quality than anything of average price you can buy new.  Its funny, I’m a bit of a snob about some things, but I’d rather have something that was expensive when first bought that I’ve bought second hand than something new that wont last long!

Some might call me sentimental, I think it’s practical, why buy new when I can get something that is cheaper that hasn’t worn out yet and stop as many things going into landfill?

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  1. I love old shit that doesn’t go together properly! It gives a house character and character makes a house a home! We got most of Oscars stuff as hand-me-downs and all of his stuff will be passed down to his new baby cousin! Life’s too short to worry about your couch cushions matching your wallpaper, you’re spot on!

    • Lisa says:

      That’s it! I sometimes think “oh I wish my house was more stylish” but then I think about the fact that everything tells a story of where it came from or who gave it to us and I realise I don’t actually care! That’s so lovely that you already have a cousin to pass things onto too!

  2. I love our jumbled up house x
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