Going Forwards

I think I expected to feel really emotional when Monkey crawled for the first time, perhaps have a lump in my throat, as it was I was just insanely happy and also highly amused. She didn’t crawl towards me, or her Dad, she moved towards her own reflection in the mirror and I thought that was hilarious! We don’t have many mirrors in this house which is something that drives me vaguely bonkers, I like looking in mirrors, I always have! So I love that Monkey has inherited my joy for reflections, she literally laughs out loud every time she looks in a mirror! <3

I’ve read a lot about it being important to not “lose” yourself as a Mum, and I can honestly say I feel more like I’ve “found” myself than I ever thought possible as literally every day Monkey does something cute or funny or bloody amazing, its fascinating!  Previously I was a bit of a stress-head workaholic and now I’m for the most part pretty damn chilled!  Anyway, not sure if thats a bit of a tangent but it’s definitely thanks to the fact that being with Monkey 24/7 means I’m well and truly living in the moment and more chilled than I’ve ever been!

So now as Monkey gets closer to taking her first steps I find myself in complete awe of the human body and the development a baby goes through in their first twelve months!  I’ve only had one health visitor appointment since Monkey was born as I’ve not felt the need to find out if she’s ticking boxes as she blows my mind every day!

What has been your most memorable moment in your childs life?  I’d love to hear your experiences in the comments!

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