Monthly Archive: June 2017


Going Forwards

I think I expected to feel really emotional when Monkey crawled for the first time, perhaps have a lump in my throat, as it was I was just insanely happy and also highly amused. She didn’t crawl towards me, or her Dad, she moved towards her own reflection in the...


Mothers intuition

What I’ve realised is that it really took becoming a mum to understand the concept of intuition. I read an article in the last few weeks before Connie was born about how a woman who had returned home to Africa after living in both the UK and America called Why...


Detox Baby

I have joked about it but in all honesty if I hadn’t have done a juice detox with my Mum in September 2015 and then followed that up by cutting gluten and dairy from my diet I am pretty certain I wouldn’t have ended up pregnant. The weight-loss and body...