Birth Story

Connie Marie was born on Wednesday 31st August at 3.10am at home in the birth pool. I’d begun having regular contractions at about 6am on Tuesday morning which got closer during the day and we rang the home birth team about 6.30 when I got to 3 in 10.
Sarah arrived at about 9pm and examined me and I was 4-5cm dilated. We’d been practising hypnobirthing during the day and soon after Sarah arrived I got in the pool – my back had been really hurting and it eased immediately but didn’t slow the contractions. In all honesty my memory is a little hazy, I remember being v relaxed and in the zone, Sarah checking the heart rate every 15 mins and saying that baby was “very happy” – this was all the reassurance I needed to keep going. Jo arrived at about 10.30 and both she and Sarah sat at the side of the room doing the relevant checks but otherwise leaving us be, I had my mum and my partner with me and despite being slower than I’d hoped everything progressed exactly as we’d hoped, I was exhausted but kept focused on seeing my baby soon.
I remember Sarah asking if I’d like to be examined again, I said yes but I couldn’t get out of the pool because of the contractions. About an hour later (I need to work out with my mum whether it was this long) Sarah said she was going to start monitoring baby’s heart every five mins as I was in full labour. I had felt myself become incredibly alert and focused as I could tell I was closer to holding my baby and I was so so excited to meet my little monkey!
I was v worried as with each urge to bear down I was very loud and we live in a terrace cottage I felt bad for our neighbour!!! However, soon (or so it felt) I could feel that baby had started to move down, I reached down and could feel their head, I think this gave me final incentive to carry on! I’m afraid I am very vague on timings but apparently shortly after this my mum told my partner to look down as baby was crowning but he had to walk around the pool to see and in that time she had come out and I’d managed to catch her, my waters had literally broken at the last minute and she came out with the membrane over her face. Once this was removed she opened her big blue eyes and started looking around followed by crying but purely in shock and did calm down quickly. I looked to see that she was in fact a girl as we’d been convinced she was a boy right until the end! My plan was to deliver the placenta naturally and my mum gave me the homeopathic remedy she’d got to help with this as soon as possible. I was helped out of the birth pool and within about an hour I delivered this as I’d hoped. I’d felt a bit floaty/dizzy before this and started to come round afterwards – I realised this was partly due to blood loss/exertion and partly due to low blood sugar as I’d not eaten for about 8/9 hours!!
I’ve written a lot more than I planned but had really just wanted to say how fortunate I feel to have had such an amazing experience and to have been supported so well by the home birth team and my amazing birth partners! I literally couldn’t feel more positive about my daughter’s birth!
Hypnobirthing helped me stay focused on what I wanted which was a calm, relaxed, natural birth which I knew my body could do!