A Billion Stars…

When I think about the moment Connie was born I am overwhelmed with memories of how she looked, how I felt, how exciting it was, how amazing I found it that I had created a tiny little being, I also remember feeling like it was very much the middle of the night – she was born at 3.10am and I’d been in labour for 21 hours so its hardly surprising!

I’ve always found astrology fascinating and often wonder what on earth is going on in the stars if a series of things happen that are a little out of the ordinary – when Night Sky Poster offered me the opportunity to have a poster showing the night sky from above us at the moment Connie was born I was over the moon! (pun slightly intended!)

It’s really easy to order a star map, you simply enter the information you want featured on your poster and it gives you a preview so you can see exactly what it looks like, you can chose from five different colours – I *almost* picked pink, so pretty – the details you key in produces the star map from the time and place you pick.  A beautiful way to remember a significant date like a birthday, a wedding anniversary or another point in time that means a lot to you or your family.  Chilana from Night Sky Poster gave fantastic service and was really helpful when we were picking our design and deciding on the finishing touches.

The poster comes beautifully packaged wrapped up in tissue paper, I’d told Connie it was for her so she got very excited as we opened it!  We’ve framed the star map poster and its up in our living room above where Connie’s toys are, underneath the fairy lights that we loved so much they never came down after our first Christmas here in 2016!


If you’d like to order a star map Night Sky Poster have given me a 30% discount with the voucher code “STARS” – my plan now is to get Anthony to marry me so we can get another for our wedding day, that one might have to be pink!

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