Bibetta to the rescue!

I had worried I wouldn’t cope well with things like nappies and baby sick when I became a mum, however that was nothing, I could never have prepared myself for the mess that is “baby led weaning”!  Having to wipe down not only the baby and the high chair but also the floor and the walls after some meals I have often walked away and come back to it later!  Clothes covered in porridge are just not my kind of fun!  So when I was offered the opportunity to review a Bibetta Ultrabib I said yes immediately!

Firstly the bibs look really cool, are well made and are super thick and absorbent, with the bonus that you can just throw them in the washer for a rinse after each meal!

The Ultrabib has long sleeves with elasticated wrists, full coverage on the body and fastens with a velcro at the back.  Connie is average sized for her age and at 15 months there is still plenty of room in the bib even with a thick jumper on.

I have tried a variety of bibs since we started baby weaning and the ultrabib is the best one in terms of coverage and keeping the mess away from the clothes.  For example I used to have to peel Connie out of her baby grow after porridge for breakfast, now I can just take the bib off (once I’ve wiped her face, hands and the high chair so she can’t “re-mess”) and throw it in the washer for the next meal!

There isn’t much else to say, if you want a bib that will see you through baby weaning (baby led or otherwise as let’s face it, it’s all messy!) then the Ultrabib will not let you down!

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