Summer holiday memories

I’ve seen a lot of posts today about it being the first day of the summer holidays, for me it’s no different to normal apart from the fact Anthony went back to work after a few weeks off today so I’m learning to parent alone during the day again!

I used to LOVE the summer holidays as a child, we would run out of school towards mum ready for six weeks of family time!  My Mum used to find craft activities for us to do, we’d sew little things, go to Filey for a day at the beach all packed up in Mum’s Mini Clubman Estate (or whichever car was running in place of it at the time!) tree climbing and my dance teacher used to run all day workshops where we’d practice freestyle jumps and leaps on her massive lawn to keep us flexible until we went back into normal classes.

My sister Sam and I posing in the local fields

My memories of the school holidays are hazy, I’m sure there were days when it rained all day and we got bored out of our minds, but I also know there were days when we had loads of friends round and we wore ourselves out riding round “the block” and “the big block” on our bikes (really not very “big” at all and very close to home!)

Our holidays would always finish with a week away with my Dad as well, we’d go camping somewhere in the UK, one year we even put place names in a hat and picked which one we were going to on the morning we were setting off.  When I think back now, my parents did an amazing job of making things fun and ensuring we were included in decision making and plans as much as possible.  That’s something I’d definitely like to take forward with my own little family, making any situation fun as childhood if nothing else should be fun!  My Dad was and still is a master sandcastle builder, hole in sand digger and moat maker, awesome skills for any kid to learn!

I’m really hoping that in four years time when we come to Monkey’s first summer holiday that I’m looking forward to it as much as I know my Mum used to.  Perhaps I have my rose tinted sunglasses on but I’m determined to keep them on as long as possible!

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  1. I absolutely love the school holidays! Having children who go to school means I can spend a lot more time with them. It makes me sad to hear parents don’t like the holidays. I am fortunate though that I don’t rely on childcare as that can become incredibly expensive!

    Enjoy the time of no restrictions! No school runs, no school picks up and everything else school entails!

    Thanks for linking up with #TheMumDiaries!

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