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I have joked about it but in all honesty if I hadn’t have done a juice detox with my Mum in September 2015 and then followed that up by cutting gluten and dairy from my diet I am pretty certain I wouldn’t have ended up pregnant. The weight-loss and body changes my diet change created meant that my cycle moved up and as a result the date I thought was “safe” whilst using the “rhythm method” was in fact pretty much exactly when I was ovulating!

I remembered quite a long time after this that I had spoken to my Mum many years ago about the fact I wanted to get pregnant when I was 32 as I wanted a “career” and the chance to travel before I had children. At the time she said she would help make sure my body was healthy enough to sustain and support a pregnancy. I had forgotten this conversation as in all honesty I hadn’t overly put that much thought into when or how I would get pregnant as I hadn’t met the right person. Then when I did meet the right person I was really happy just being with him and we’d only briefly talked about babies as we were both a bit busy doing life and jobs and just being!

Once we’d got the positive result I realised I was actually incredibly happy about the fact I was pregnant! I’d thought I needed to wait, that I should be a bit further on in my life path, however, once that small digital screen showed “Pregnant 2-3 weeks” I was incredibly excited!  I was growing a tiny person, and that tiny person was half me and half the person I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. Suddenly I didn’t know why I had been waiting anymore. Yeah I had a lot going on (we’d just found out we needed to move house, I was selling the property I co-owned and I was applying for a promotion) but my reasons for waiting weren’t important anymore, I was pregnant and I knew that little person was going to make me and a lot of my family incredibly happy!

Back to Monkey being the detox baby. Earlier on in 2015, whilst rather fed up that I hadn’t managed to shift the excess weight I was carrying whilst suffering terribly with my asthma, as well as having really bad eczema my mum suggested I cut out dairy and gluten and see how I felt. My mum is a nutritionist, she herself is somewhat of a food saint, she eats for England but only healthy plant based foods that nurture the body…not all the really unnurturing foods I’d been eating! I’d grown up on a dairy free diet but discovered when I left home for the first time that eating dairy didn’t have any serious repercussions…. however after getting on for 14 years of ignoring my dairy intolerance I had to admit that I did feel pretty crap and being pretty much constantly dependent on an inhaler was not how I wanted to live!  So I started to cut things out of my diet.

Gradually over six months my skin improved and then quite dramatically I lost well over a stone in weight in just over a month.  This was what made it so hard for me to believe I was pregnant!  I spent the first three months being told how slim I looked only to want to tell people “wait until you see me in a couple of months!”  Along with the weight-loss my asthma improved greatly, it was amazing to be able to breathe easily without thinking about it for pretty much the first time in over two years!

I had a really great pregnancy, I didn’t get any sickness, although I did go off food and everything tasted funny for the first few months, apart from tiredness in the first 12 weeks or so I was able to carry on as normal for most of my pregnancy.  I worked full time and then some until three days before my due date, travelling over to our Manchester office at least once if not three times a week and was constantly told off for doing things that as a pregnant woman I apparently shouldn’t be!  I’m not good at obeying rules and for the most part still felt able to do pretty much everything!

I did hit a bit of a wall when we went on holiday when I was 34 weeks as I indulged in croissants, pain au chocolat and basically all things French and full of dairy.  Within just a day my feet and ankles had swollen up horribly, not helped by the fact we were in 32°C heat!  None of my sandals fit this year as they stretched so much with my feet whilst I was pregnant!

There are things I would do differently if I fell pregnant again but for the most part I hope that more women are able to enjoy pregnancy like I did.  I believe being at a peak in my health really allowed me to embrace pregnancy fully and it has left me astounded at what the human body is capable of!

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